Milagro Spa is preparing to reopen its doors and welcome guests and owners back to your home away from home! With a commitment to safety while creating a peaceful and relaxing environment, guests should rest assured that all protocols and strict sanitizing measures are in place for the protection of all guests and employees.

Milagro Spa, along with the entire Mexico Grand Hotel family, is [art of the CASALIMPIA program. This advanced hygiene and health program employs strict measures across all areas where guests enjoy services or activities throughout the resort collection.

Following the sanitization measures set forth by the destination and the Federal Health Authorities, we have implemented the following measures so you can rest assured you are in a safe and clean environment:

Employee Security Protocol:

  • All personnel enter a disinfecting cabin for screening before entering the Spa areas. All required health checks are performed including temperature readings upon entering and exiting the resort.
  • Trained medical professionals and physicians are located in each resort and are available to attend any employee or guest experiencing health issues or symptoms related to the virus.
  • Guidelines and safety reminder placards have been posted throughout employee areas and guest areas.
  • All work tools, surfaces and areas are disinfected on a regular schedule or after each use.
  • Employee protective gear is required. The type of protective gear varies per each area and can include face shields and masks and gloves.

Reception and Spa Check-in Protocols:

  • Disinfecting mats have been placed at the entrance to the spa.
  • The check-in process has been simplified and new waiting and comfort areas have been created with adequate spacing to cut down on wait times and lines.
  • Acrylic partitions have been placed in the spa to create a clear and safe barrier between the staff and all guests.
  • The physical Spa menus are no longer in use and the entire menus can be viewed via QR code scan on your smartphone or tablet.
  • The Spa is now a cash-free area, and all payments should be processed digitally to avoid the use of cash.
  • All tablets, pens, check holders are all disinfected after each use.

Lockers, Hydrotherapy and Relaxation Areas:

  • The spa valet will show each guest where everything they will need to fully enjoy the spa is located, while respecting social distancing protocols. This includes (washrooms, showers, sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, lockers, dressing room and pool)
  • Each guest will be assigned a locker which contains a pre packaged and sanitized pack including sandals and a robe.
  • The Spa Valet will proceed to disinfect all surfaces, locker and areas occupied upon the guests departure.
  • The pool and jacuzzi capacity has been decreased to ensure safe distancing.

Treatments and Massage Cabins:

  • Therapists will introduce themselves to each guest while using the correct protective equipment.
  • Handwashing stations have been created so therapists will wash hands prior and after each treatment is performed.
  • A 5 minute welcoming ritual is performed in the cabin, with guests' feet and hands being washed and relaxed with antibacterial soaps and a warm towel to relax and prepare for the treatment.
  • Once the treatment ends, the entire cabin is disinfected and all areas are cleaned and sanitized and prepared for the next treatment.
  • This process takes 20 minutes between guests and thus reduces the guests in the spa and assures a clean and safe environment.
  • Lounge chairs and comfort stations are disinfected after each use.

Sky Gym:

  • will wear their uniform along with required protective equipment: full face shield and mask.
  • A complimentary bottle of water will be given to each guest, which is disinfected at the water station.
  • A sanitizing mat has been placed in front of the equipment area.
  • Antibacterial gel stations have been placed throughout the gym.
  • Limits have been placed to assure fewer guests using the facilities at the same time.
  • Spacing has been created between machines to assure distancing.
  • Private classes are available during non-peak hours only.
  • will disinfect and use products designed to sanitize equipment after each use.

CASALIMPIA has been created to provide rigours cleaning and safety standards designed to protect your health and wellbeing. Milagro Spa looks forward to welcoming you soon and helping you create relaxing and wonderful vacation memories.

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